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Best of The Vow (Greatest Misses)
Best of The Vow (Greatest Misses) is released today on Spotify, Amazon and Apple. You can hear the complete album on Youtube or just click on the album under the “Music” tab on this site (NOT YET AVAILABLE). I had
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God Help Me
2019 has been quite a year. I grieved for lost loved ones, lost a love and, along with it, my muse. Following a very successful sense of humour bye-pass operation I almost lost my mind and my life too. Thankfully
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The Vow Videos
The official video for "Falling Stars" from the Bluer Than You album is now available for you to watch. See this and all promotional videos by clicking the link below.
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  • 1. Someone To Talk To
  • 2. A Walk In The Sunshine
  • 3. I Am Immortal
  • 4. Holy Roller
  • 5. I’m Over You, Flunky
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