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Apology to the “other person”.
For the person to whom my posts of 23rd and 24th May were addressed, please accept my apologies. I have deleted them as I’m getting some unwanted attention – Instant Karma, right? I didn’t realise we were so popular! You
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Interview – the epilogue
That seemed to go relatively well. I sound even more nervous than I felt with that microphone under my nose instilling “on air” fever. Still, at least I talked some sense and it was vaguely interesting. I actually got a
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The Vow Videos
The official video for "Falling Stars" from the Bluer Than You album is now available for you to watch. See this and all promotional videos by clicking the link below.
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  • 1. Someone To Talk To
  • 2. A Walk In The Sunshine
  • 3. I Am Immortal
  • 4. Holy Roller
  • 5. I’m Over You, Flunky
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