14th April 2017

Oh! Mon Dieu. I got Ken Lewis’s (pictured) mixes back a couple of hours ago and I’m still in shock.  ‘I am immortal’ / ‘Je suis immortel’ sound absolutely freaking fantastic! I’ve been telling people for weeks “If you need a hit record (and who doesn’t?), then you’ve got to go to someone with  a history of producing hit records.” I spoke to Ken before he started work and what a down to earth, courteous gentleman he is. He has recorded, produced written with or played on just about every famous person’s work down the years. His list of credits is ridiculous and he’s being employed by Katy Perry as a session musician as we speak. To have a pro like him on my side is a dream come true. You’ll have to wait to hear the new single, but trust me, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed – well, certainly not by the production anyway.

Now the files are with Pete Maher for mastering.  He’s currently U2’s mastering engineer, but again, he doesn’t have anything of the prima donna about him – just a really grounded, brilliant pro. He lives and works in Cyprus (everything’s done on line these days) but was home in Yorkshire when I spoke to him today. Bearing in mind I have a tight deadline, he dropped everything and will get the mastering done tomorrow. Thanks, Pete.

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