15th April 2017

Pete delivered the masters this morning and they sound even better – which is the reason for getting stuff mastered in the first place. It’s a dark art and, to be honest with you, if it was somebody else’s music, I don’t think I’d be able to tell any difference. However, because I’ve been living with these recordings for so long, I’m acutely aware of the tonal improvements Pete has made.

It’s a matter of marginal improvement and that’s the same during the entire recording process. You keep on refining, tidying things up – all little, small minded things which, by themselves would make no difference, but when you make literally hundreds of little improvements here, there and everywhere it makes a massive difference.  You have to be very, very patient and painstaking. All those years as an insurance underwriter have actually served me in good stead for this whole fastidious exercise!

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