16th April 2017

I’ve now sent the files off to the CD manufacturers – cdduplicationpro.com. They should get delivered some time in the week commencing 24th April, so I’ll have to get on with other things in the meantime. Ken Lewis delivered 2 very interesting things this morning, which I wasn’t expecting – a cappella versions of ‘I am Immortal’ and ‘Je suis immortel’. They don’t half remind me of “Because” by The Beatles (but nowhere near as well sung obviously!). It’s too late now to put them on the cd , but I will put them on iTunes, Spotify etc. However, first I need to see Andrea as we’re going to have to tidy them up. There’s quite a lot of what sounds like tape hiss on them, which is a bit odd given that they were digitally recorded! Anyway, that won’t be a problem to fix.

I’ll probably make cuts – like eliminating the silence at the beginning and halving the amount of silence between the second chorus and the middle 8. Oh! and also, because the lead and backing vocals are all double tracked AND I have 3 more of my voices singing “oohs and aaahs” there is one hell of a lot of heavy breathing going on! I sound like a shoal of expiring cod! That’s all rectifiable, though.

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