16 May 2017

Well, here I am 9 days into my promotional campaign for ‘I am immortal’. The Youtube video has got 4,500 views and I’ve been feeling disappointed!!!  I’ve since had a good talk to myself and now know that this is a massive number of people engaging with The Vow in such a short space of time. Hopefully, the CDs are generating some interest in Nice, Monaco and Paris…..even if there’s no sign of it yet!

If there’s one thing (actually 2 things) I am truly grateful for it’s the encouraging words of Jules Bianchi’s dad Philippe and sister Melanie. They have both taken the trouble to contact me to thank me for my efforts. That is the only thing that really matters. Thank you both for putting my mind at rest.

There are other peripheral things concerning me, though. I’ve sent almost as many messages to French people as to English and yet the the video for “Je suis immortel” has only got 262 views with no sign of growth. From my observations of the French charts over the last few months, I see that quite often 80% of the Top 10 songs are sung in English. Maybe I’ve wasted my time and money by doing a French version. I mean, the Beatles did German versions of ‘She loves you’ and ‘I want to hold your hand’, but who gives a tinker’s cuss about them – no, not even the Germans can be bothered. I think from now onwards I’ll just push the English version.

The Monaco Grand Prix is coming in 12 days – Jules’s home GP.

Come on Lewis!!!

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