17th April 2017

Gordon Bennett! It’s one thing after the other. Clifford Sayer has now delivered his video for ‘I am immortal’ / ‘Je suis immortel’. Once again, he’s almost completely disregarded my instructions and come up with something far more fantastical. It’s a really touching tribute to Jules Bianchi. I am so proud of it. (Thank you, Cliff. I had a little cry when I got home from yours, you swine!) It’s the same kind of animation he’s done for me in the past – majorly psychedelic but also spiritual. I am hoping Jules’s family will see it for what it is – a heartfelt piece of art. I am actually now sick and tired of the sound of my own voice, so I’ll leave it a few days before my next post – unless something else unexpected crops up. Au revoir, my British chums!

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