“Je suis immortel” released!

Well here it is finally – the new single ‘Je suis Immortel’ / ‘I am immortal’ – my Jules Bianchi tribute song. I hope you like it!

17th July 2017 marks the second anniversary of Jules Bianchi’s death. For those of you who don’t know, Jules was the French Formula 1 racing driver who suffered horrific head injuries in an accident at the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix and lost his life 9 months later. I believe it would be fair to say that his life ended before he had reached his peak as a driver. It was a very sad ending to such a promising career and, of course, an immensely upsetting, life shattering experience for all his family and friends.

Please visit the Jules Bianchi Association’s site here   Have a read about the magnificent things they do to help people who have suffered brain injuries and then contact them about making a donation. If you don’t have the money to do that, then take a listen to ‘Je suis immortel’ / ‘I am immortal’ and, if you like them, download them from iTunes. Even if you don’t like the songs , please download them anyway or take a listen on Spotify or Youtube. I get paid by Artists Without a Label for every download and stream. All the money I receive from all 5 versions of the song will be donated to the Jules Bianchi Association. I think that’s about the very least I can do.

Thank you all for listening. Keep rocking.


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