24 April 2017



Well, I finally got over the aversion to the sound of my own voice…

We’re very close to launching the new records – about a week or so – but we’re now a couple of weeks behind schedule because I had to make sure the a cappella versions of “Immortel” and “Immortal” sounded as good as they possibly could. They do sound very good and I am including them both in the final product. This is despite the fact that I now have very deep reservations about my pronunciation of  the word “temps” on “Je suis Immortel”.  I sing this 3 times, but on each occasion, I pronounce the “M” quite distinctly – as in the name Tom. I didn’t know this when I recorded it , but native French speakers never pronounce the “M”, they actually only IMPLY it! I just about get away with it in the full version of the song because the “M” gets buried in the music somewhat. However, on the a cappella version it sticks out like a sore thumb. I have no doubt now, none whatsoever that  I will be exposed as the foreign charlatan that I am. I have to say I am more than a little disappointed with this schoolboy error after all those months of hard work and practice….but hey, far worse things happen at sea. Chin up!

I’ll be ringing the CD manufacturers tomorrow to find out when to expect the CDs. I will have 250 to send away, mainly to France, so that’s going to take a couple of days out of my life! The other 50 I will give away to family and friends, so be warned!

I’ll see you….unless you see me first.

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