28 April 2017

What a day. 2 massive deadlines were met – bang on time! Both the new EPs are now active on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. Also the CDs arrived today at 2 o’clock so I had time to send 90 of them out to bars and clubs in Nice, Monaco and Paris. Considering what a pain this was, I’m very surprised that the post office staff remained so jolly. I heard no complaints from the poor souls in the queue either. Admittedly, though, I wasn’t particularly listening out for their groans! Rather wisely, I used 3 different post offices and sent 30 from each one. I’ll do another 90 tomorrow and the final 70 on Tuesday after the Bank Holiday weekend.

The final piece in the jigsaw will be the new site which¬†http://cyberfrogdesign.co.uk/ are constructing for me. Barney and Richard from Cyberfrog are doing a magnificent job. The new site is looking superb and brings The Vow fairly and squarely into the 21st century. I’ve left the old site www.noexit-thevow.co.uk active because there’s an awful lot of stuff for No Exit fans to enjoy on it. Once the new site is up (possibly on 2nd May), I will start my Facebook campaign. I’m targeting over 400 Facebook pages, so it’ll take me a few days. My hope is that the CDs and messages will have plenty of time to germinate in time for the Monaco Grand Prix on 28th May. This is Jules Bianchi’s home Grand Prix. He was from Nice, which is only 20 miles away, so I sense that ‘Je suis Immortel’ will be particularly poignant at that time.

Have a great, long weekend!!!

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