God Help Me (Single)

God Help Me is on a similar theme to Paul McCartney’s Yesterday. I’ve kept the words, melody and instrumentation all very simple. Of course, it’s not a patch on Yesterday lyrically, vocally or musically, but the one place God Help Me does reach, which Yesterday doesn’t, is beyond McCartney’s regret and into the realms of self loathing. It is, without question, the saddest song I’ve ever written (and I’ve penned a few!) but it was good to get it out of my system.

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    God help me

    What a sad eyed clown. I’m just a hopeless case.
    Why did I have to wipe the smile from her face?

    What kind of man am I, or am I still a boy?
    Who would deny himself his one source of joy?

    Oh God my imaginary friend, you can’t help me,
    So who on God’s earth can?

    We could have been something. She might have been the one,
    Which doesn’t mean a thing – not now that she’s gone.

    And I hate myself. Am I the only one
    To have lost in love before it’s begun?

    Oh God, I’m a hung up, messed up man
    And you can’t help me, so who in God’s name can?

    Now it’s the daily grind, the existential bore
    Which keeps on churning time when she loves you no more.

    And the love we give less the love we take
    Will be equal to unending heartache.

    Oh God you’re my absentee old friend.
    If you won’t help me then where will this all end?


    Written by and copyright Graham Trust

    Graham Trust: Vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and bass guitar

    Tony Potter: Drums

    Simon Denny: Keyboards

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