Best of The Vow (Greatest Misses)

Best of The Vow (Greatest Misses) is released today on Spotify, Amazon and Apple. You can hear the complete album on Youtube or just click on the album under the “Music” tab on this site. I had originally intended restricting this to 12 tracks, but there were 3 songs which I couldn’t leave off for various reasons. It’s impossible to satisfy everyone, so if any of your favourites are missing please don’t be too harsh on me – a whole load of mine are missing too. When there are 52 songs to choose from and they’re all your babies, it becomes an almost impossible task. I called time at 15  as a quintruple “Best of” album would have been a bit much even for me to bear! I think one hour’s worth of music is probably more than enough for anyone.

My selections have been influenced by numerous factors – the best selling songs as per stats provided by my aggregator Kobalt, the most popular Youtube videos, the most hits on the likes of Spotify, my own personal preferences  and what I know to be some of the preferences of other members of the band.  This had to be tempered by the need to compile a varied and engaging album with technically good recordings / productions. The songs were recorded in numerous locations over a great many years, so the disparities in their tonal qualities have played a part as to where in the album the various tracks sit. I need to thank Pete Maher for his masterful mastering job. I know that this has been no easy task for him.

All that remains for me to say is a big “Thank you” to all of you who have contacted me over the years to tell me how much you love The Vow’s music. I have to admit that I would have seen all of the songs through to completion regardless, but knowing that they and our band are so appreciated does make all the hard work even more worthwhile. Despite the fact we have no record company, no publisher, no publicist, no manager, no agent, no promoter, no plugger and only my very limited budget, our music has been streamed and / or downloaded many millions of times for free via in store radio sites like Jamendo, Audiosparx, Tribe of Noise, Music Revolution, Emerge , Soundreef and others.  I’ve never written songs for commercial gain (although that would have been quite nice!);  my only concerns have been that the  songs are good and that they get heard. Thanks to the internet they ARE heard literally the  world over. For me The Vow has always been and continues to be an enormous  success.

Keep rocking, the lot of you. It has been a real pleasure and a privilege for me to have been able to provide you with a little enjoyment.

If you want to make your own compilation, here are the 52 songs you have to choose from:

1) 15 storeys high

2) A walk in the sunshine

3) All the other boys

4) And I know

5) As the crow flies

6) Back to Monday

7) Bluer than you

8) Boys in their games

9) Caroline for all we know   /   Caroline (Strings)

10) Casablancan night

11) Coal fire (burn the changes)

12) Colamericana

13) Don’t waste my time

14) Falling stars

15) Far too lonely

16) For a dreamer

17) Free the world

18) Ghost writer

19) God help me

20) Heaven won’t hold me

21 High time (ethereal  girl)

22) Holy roller

23) I am immortal

24) I can’t be what you want me to be

25) I want you

26) I’m not looking for love

27) I’m over you flunky

28) Julia

29) Madrid

30) Maybe I need you

31) My swan song

32) No sensation

33) No sound now

34) Out of my time

35) Peace in our time

36) Peace in our time (ensemble)

37) Reflections on Saturday

38) Small thoughts

39) Someone to talk to

40) Someone to talk to (A cappella)

41) Spacedust

42) Spacedust (outro)

43) Television’s home

44) That’ll be the day

45) The dust on my halo

46) The Vow

47) To the end of the world

48) Venus Girl

49) Wheels within wheels

50) Wintertime

51) You are

52) You think so you are

These are my bootlegged songs (some are better than others!):

  1. Another Saturday

2) December 12

3) Don’t let it die

4) Evergreen

5) If you see me

6) Nothing in this world

7) Reflections on Saturday (duet)

8) Strangeless places

9) The brain drain

10) When I cry

11) You can’t walk away

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