DISCONNECT – new single

Disconnect is available today on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and Youtube. You can also hear it by clicking on the “Music” tab above. My thanks go to Tom Walker (not THAT one) who provides the voiceover at the beginning and end of the song. Disconnect is particularly pertinent given the unfolding Pandora Papers scandal which clearly demonstrates the immorality of many of the world’s leading politicians and the extremely wealthy.¬†Disconnect is, however, principally about oppression whether that be political, social, religious, psychological, physical, emotional or anything else. The lyrical inspiration was provided by all the world’s dictators – whether fascist, communist or whatever. The one thing these totalitarian states abhor is freedom of speech. Well, this will show them!!!

Having already provided the musical inspiration for “My Blues Tomorrow” The Screaming Blue Messiahs’ song “I Want Up” has done it again. “Disconnect” came about by me imitating the guitar riff on “I Want Up“. It morphed into something else altogether and eventually “Disconnect” was born.



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