IF ONLY – new single

‘If Only’ is released today. You can hear it on Spotify, see the video on Youtube or click on the music tab (Above!) on this site. This song has been ready for release for a couple of months now, but I wanted to let My Blues Tomorrow and Che have their day. I’ve made full use of the engineer Simon Denny’s skills as an orchestral arranger on this one. He spent a couple of years in LA in the ’90s doing scores for movies, so he knows a thing or two about this. I wanted it to be a bit like Nelson Riddle with Frank Sinatra, but it’s not quite as good as that. It is however, a very sweet melody and a lovely arrangement. Simon had Julie London in mind when doing his thing.

The song came about from me playing around with some jazz type chords on my acoustic guitar. A vocal melody started off in my head and it just kept on going. It was a Paul McCartney and Yesterday moment. I thought this has GOT to be someone else’s song but, having checked around, I have to conclude that it’s all mine. I hope YOU can’t identify a rip off either!!! The song is about the last day and night that a young couple spend together before the man has to go off to war. Its main theme concerns the pressure which all societies place on young people to fight wars. Wars are started by old / middle aged men and you can bet your bottom dollar that, if these politicians tried to conscript their own generation, there would be no wars. I hope you like it.

The album ‘Igloo’ will be delayed because I’ve come up with another song ‘Disconnect’ for which Tony Potter will be recording drums in September. ‘Disconnect’ should be out around 20th October.

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