Indie Niall

The Vow’s latest single Indie Niall is available today on Spotify   Apple Music   Amazon   Youtube  and all good streaming platforms.

Indie Niall has been “ready to go” since March but, as it has a “Summery” feel to it, I decided to release it after Morning Coffee and You. I’m delighted to report that Nick Reynolds, The Vow’s bassist from way back in 1991, played bass on this recording. I haven’t seen Nick for 30 years and, to be brutally honest, I suspected he might have already died because he wasn’t in the best of health back in the day. I’m pleased to tell you that reports of his death were greatly exaggerated and that he is still alive and just as hilarious and talented as he ever was. Tony, Nick and me had a wonderful, happy day in the studio recording this song and, just like in days of yore, “the lads done great”.

Indie Niall is a pun on the Freudian concept of Denial which Sigmund Freud postulated; his daughter Anna then picked up the ball and ran with it. It concerns my inflated views of myself as a songwriter and all the explanations I’ve given for my lack of commercial success. Regardless of this I still cling to the delusion that I am a great songwriter and that I have been the victim of gross misfortune (Oh, haven’t we all, dear???) In truth, I’m very grateful for how things have turned out because I definitely do not have the coping mechanisms to deal with fame. In short, I started at the bottom….and I liked it !!!

Be careful what you wish for, and keep on rocking regardless.



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