Janice Long interview with The Vow

We had a live session and I was interviewed by Janice Long on BBC Radio Wales on Wednesday 10th March. You can listen to the broadcast including 3 songs here by clicking on the Videos tab or by going to Youtube. Unfortunately, our drummer Tony Potter couldn’t be at the session due to work commitments abroad so it’s a bit like an MTV unplugged gig. Martyn Gilbert and I played guitars and Simon Denny filled in for us on bass guitar while also recording the songs. It was all done in Simon’s studio where we were able to self isolate in 3 separate rooms. I think the interview went very well indeed. Unfortunately, she didn’t play “My Blues Tomorrow” but we got 3 songs from the forthcoming album broadcast in the live session. Hearing the songs like this, without drums, keyboards, extra guitars or vocal harmonies is a bit disturbing for me. It’s all very stripped down, exposing the songs to close scrutiny. It’s the audio equivalent of walking out of the house in the morning and getting half way down the street before realising you’ve forgotten to put any clothes on.

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