January Moves in Me

The Vow’s new single ‘January Moves in Me‘ is released today and is now available on Spotify  Apple Music  Amazon  Youtube and all good streaming platforms!

I began crafting this melody in mid November under the working title of “Not Every Love is Divine”. I’d been flailing around for lyrics for weeks until a friend suggested I write a song about January and specifically about how bleak and miserable it is. I knew immediately this was a brilliant idea (being bleak and miserable myself!!!) and it enabled me to finish the song within days. Well, that was the easy(ish) part; the difficult part fell to my producer Simon Denny who scored the superb orchestral accompaniment. The Igloo Orchestra spurred me on to new heights, making me  feel like a highly incompetent Frank Sinatra impersonator, but the best ever Graham Trust facsimile.

Of course, because the music industry is such a slow moving beast and Covid 19 is such a fast moving beast, my plans for an early January release of a properly mixed and mastered record were scuppered. Simon became so ill with bronchitis that I had to rush release this rough unmixed version – just to make the back end of January. The mastering engineer Pete Maher has done a magnificent job of “make do and mend”. Had, we had the chance to finish the production properly, I do feel January Moves in Me would have been the pinnacle of my singing / song writing “career”. Ah, well – the best laid plans of mice and men.

A very Happy New Year to you all. I just know that 2022 is going to be your year!


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