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DISCONNECT – new single

Disconnect is available today on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and Youtube. You can also hear it by clicking on the “Music” tab above. My thanks go to Tom Walker (not THAT one) who provides the voiceover at the beginning and

IF ONLY – new single

‘If Only’ is released today. You can hear it on Spotify, see the video on Youtube or click on the music tab (Above!) on this site. This song has been ready for release for a couple of months now, but

Janice Long interview with The Vow

We had a live session and I was interviewed by Janice Long on BBC Radio Wales on Wednesday 10th March. You can listen to the broadcast including 3 songs here by clicking on the Videos tab or by going to Youtube.

My Blues Tomorrow / Che

New songs available today on Youtube Spotify Apple and Amazon “God help me” is such an abject stream of consciousness to have hanging over me that I couldn’t leave it like that, so I’ve written something positive and upbeat for

Best of The Vow (Greatest Misses)

Best of The Vow (Greatest Misses) is released today on Spotify, Amazon and Apple. You can hear the complete album on Youtube or just click on the album under the “Music” tab on this site. I had originally intended restricting

God Help Me

2019 has been quite a year. I grieved for lost loved ones and lost my muse. Following a very successful sense of humour bye-pass operation I almost lost my mind. Thankfully the doctors say this procedure is entirely reversible; it

Venus Girl EP released today

The Venus Girl EP is released today on Spotify (I don’t know where they got 23 August from!), iTunes and Amazon. It features Venus Girl, Julia, Madrid and That’ll be the Day. I hope you agree it’s been worth the wait. It

Interview – the epilogue

The interview with Tom Walker seemed to go relatively well. I sound even more nervous than I felt with that microphone under my nose instilling “on air” fever. Still, at least I talked some sense and it was vaguely interesting.

Tom Walker interview

Tom Walker (pictured) is a partially sighted freelance journalist and advocate for visually impaired and blind people. He is best known for his broadcasts on Radio 4’s In Touch programme, but will also be a familiar voice to listeners on BBC


You know what?  iTunes are doing my head in. They rejected the initial artwork for Madrid, which featured the back of a Liverpool shirt with YNWA 96 emblazoned on it. OK, I accept that, as there is an ongoing legal

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