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Madrid – iTunes release delayed

Unfortunately iTunes have objected to the artwork for this one, so I’ve had to change it for all online stores. I don’t know how long it’ll take to get it up on Spotify etc. Please be patient if you’re wanting

Madrid – new single

Well, it’s taken a few months to get this one finished, hasn’t it? What a stupid mistake it was for me to tell the sound engineer last October that there’s no time limit on this one. Weeks turned into months

Madrid – forthcoming single

Wish me luck. I’m back in Igloo Studios tomorrow to record the new single “Madrid” with our fantastic drummer man, Tony Potter. It’s a poppy little number and very up tempo (for me) at 164 BPM. I’ve never been to

“That’ll be the Day” – new single on Youtube now

My good friend Pedro Leitao has made this beautiful video for our new single. I think this is one of the best vids we’ve ever had. Please like and share with your friends. A big thanks to my friends Wayne

Caroline – new string arrangement

Well, I finally got what I always wanted – a string octet playing on my song “Caroline”. Thanks to Simon Denny at Igloo Studios for the Beatles string arrangement and for conducting the Igloo House Octet. It’s up on Youtube

“All the other boys” released!

Not long to go now until the new single is launched. There was some frantic activity last night. I got the mastered version of “All the other boys” back from Pete Maher and, of course, he’s done a great job

New single

It’s been a long time since I last posted, but I’m glad to announce that recording started at Elevator Studios in Liverpool last week on the new single “All the other boys”. Tony Potter is coming in to record his

Thanks to Jules’s dad and sister

If there’s one thing (actually 2 things) I am truly grateful for it’s the encouraging words of Jules Bianchi’s dad Philippe and sister Melanie. They have both taken the trouble to contact me to thank me for my efforts. That

“Je suis immortel” released!

Well here it is finally – the new single ‘Je suis Immortel’ / ‘I am immortal’ – my Jules Bianchi tribute song. I hope you like it! 17th July 2017 marks the second anniversary of Jules Bianchi’s death. For those

1 May 2017

Welcome to the new site and thank you Richard and Barney at Cyberfrog for the incredible job you’ve done building it. The Vow has finally been brought kicking and screaming into the 21st century.  I’ll be updating the “news” section

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