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28 April 2017

What a day. 2 massive deadlines were met – bang on time! Both the new EPs are now active on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. Also the CDs arrived today at 2 o’clock so I had time to send 90 of

24 April 2017

    Well, I finally got over the aversion to the sound of my own voice… We’re very close to launching the new records – about a week or so – but we’re now a couple of weeks behind schedule

17th April 2017

Gordon Bennett! It’s one thing after the other. Clifford Sayer has now delivered his video for ‘I am immortal’ / ‘Je suis immortel’. Once again, he’s almost completely disregarded my instructions and come up with something far more fantastical. It’s

16th April 2017

I’ve now sent the files off to the CD manufacturers – They should get delivered some time in the week commencing 24th April, so I’ll have to get on with other things in the meantime. Ken Lewis delivered 2

15th April 2017

Pete delivered the masters this morning and they sound even better – which is the reason for getting stuff mastered in the first place. It’s a dark art and, to be honest with you, if it was somebody else’s music,

14th April 2017

Oh! Mon Dieu. I got Ken Lewis’s (pictured) mixes back a couple of hours ago and I’m still in shock.  ‘I am immortal’ / ‘Je suis immortel’ sound absolutely freaking fantastic! I’ve been telling people for weeks “If you need

11th April 2017

Well, the day has finally arrived after 8 months of recording and refining just 2 songs – the very last  recording session.  I’m off to see my sound engineer Andrea to re-record the French vocal (yet again!). This is what

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