Venus Girl EP released today

The Venus Girl EP is released today on Spotify (I don’t know where they got 23 August from!), iTunes and Amazon.

It features Venus Girl, Julia, Madrid and That’ll be the Day. I hope you agree it’s been worth the wait. It was meant to be a Summer release, (technically it still is, though the weather’s Autumnal) but in the music industry everything takes forever. Thanks to Wayne Wilson for his lovely keyboard work, to Martyn Gilbert for his scintillating lead guitar work and to Tony Potter for beating the crap out of his kit again with such expertise. They may be gentlemen of a certain age, but you can feel the energy exuding from those fellas in the studio. Thank you to Simon Denny for his great productions and for making me laugh. Last, but not least, I need to thank Nick Lacey for stepping in to fill Martyn’s boots on “Julia” at late notice; he even used the same colour (red) and model of Gibson 335 guitar as Martyn. .

As for me, I’m almost spent and will be taking a sabbatical soon, probably a permanent one if there’s such a thing. I have one last song in me about regret and self loathing, which I hope to have finished before 2019 is through. After that’s done, I will have come to the end of the road I’ve been travelling down and my thoughts on life, love, death and spirit will have been exhausted….so where to then?

Oh, I nearly forgot the biggest “thank yous” of all: to my father, which art in heaven, thank you for giving me the gift of music; and to my mother, which art also in heaven but probably as far away from my dad as possible, thank you for giving me the gift of life. I’ll never again take it for granted. Rest in peace – the pair of yez.

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