The Vow – Promo Videos

Most of The Vow’s videos are animations by the Liverpool artist Clifford Sayer. As far as I’m concerned, Cliff’s mind is not in his head; it’s out there, where mine is. What normally happens is that I tell Cliff exactly what I want in the vid, Cliff nods knowingly, then he goes away, almost completely ignores all my instructions and comes up with something far better!

Pedro Leitao is responsible for the   “All the Other Boys” and “That’ll be the Day“, which was shot in a public park somewhere in Portugal. I really must find out where this little piece of heaven is.

The latest video for “If Only” is the work of Matt from Lodge Production who I contacted on . I think, given the very limited budget available, Matt has done a magnificent job, and I’ll certainly be using him again for the next one.

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